Green Region Initiative

image: Green Region Initiative graphic with representation in the following topics:Energy, Climate Action, Built Environment, Active Transportation, Motorized Transportation, Open Space, Waste, Water, Health, Engagement, Adaptation & Resilience 

SCAG has long recognized innovative planning and local development projects that best coordinate land use and transportation actions to improve the mobility, livability, prosperity, and sustainability within the region. SCAG provides an outline for innovative planning and local development projects through the Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS), a long-range visioning plan that balances future mobility and housing needs with economic, environmental, and public health goals.

In 2011, SCAG addressed the lack of comprehensive data tracking sustainability efforts across the SCAG region through the collection of existing sustainability plans and programs. Three years later, SCAG partnered with CivicSpark, a program of the Local Government Commission and a Governor’s Initiative AmeriCorps Program, hosting the first cohort of CivicSpark Fellows and expanding the Green Region Initiative dataset to cultivate a dynamic knowledge of the major challenges and opportunities relevant to sustainability and quality of life in the region.

The Green Region Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Indicators Map serves as a tool for jurisdictions within the SCAG region to measure and track sustainability progress in the region across 12 categories and 29 sustainability indicators. The map aims to foster collaboration through the sharing of best practices across the 191 cities and six counties in the SCAG region. GRI Version 4.0 is the most recent iteration of the tool, providing an improved user experience through updated map designs, links, and resources. GRI Version 4.0 includes 3 updated maps, one new indicator and one new topic: Electric Vehicle Permitting Streamlining and Urban Greening. Each topic has a new stand-alone map on Senate Bill (SB) 535 Disadvantaged Communities and a Consolidated Map which incorporates all of the Indicator maps and the SB 535 map. The new maps contain detailed descriptions and resources relevant to the individual indicators. Click on the icons below to view the 12 categories exploring sustainability progress across the SCAG region.

Sustainability Indicators

Green Region Initiative 4.0 Documents


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